Restless Nights

I can’t sleep tonight so I might as well get in a post for an UPDATE!

I saw my PCP yesterday 8/27/14 for a checkup. As many of you know I was just released from the hospital after a two week stay for IV steroids and PLEX. I hate the steroids, they make me feel horrible. So I saw my family doctor for my check up as I have been feeling really run down since I have been released from the hospital. Since I have been released I have visited the ER twice for HORRIBLE pain from my mid back to my toes. The pain was like nothing I have EVER experienced before. Luckily so far, knock on wood, the pain is gone with being switched back over to Baclofen from Tizanidine. So that is good. But, I have been feeling really lousy. So tired, all I want to do is sleep. But why can’t I sleep tonight? I have been up literally all night watching TV and listening to Cali sleep … she snores, for the record! Anyway, back to the appointment. Doc said that he feels my feeling of general lousiness is from the steroids so we are going to start tapering down off of them. Oh god do I hate the steroids. They make me feel so blah. I have a killer headache, the shakes, chills, fever …. you would swear that there was an infection. But my labs all came back okay so I guess it could really be the steroids. I was told to keep a close eye on it though just in case. I think I would have felt better if he would have given me a round of antibiotics, but he’s the doctor and I have to trust him.


We are going to be setting up my PLEX I should get my call today as to the dates, etc. I am looking forward to those treatments. They always make me feel better. I don’t know. And they leave you with a lemony zesty feeling which is amazing. I love that feeling or rather sensation. Plus the PLEX is really helping my eyes not to mention that it helps as a maintenance drug to keep me safe from further attacks. The PLEX plus the Imuran should keep be steady, I really hope so anyway. This attack scared me as I didn’t expect it and I didn’t see it coming. Even though it’s my bad eye it still scared me. I still have pain behind the eye but I am starting to be able to see shadows and the flashes of light which is awesome! I hope that it keeps up and I get back to my baseline or at least close to it.


So that is where I stand … I need to try to get some sleep if that is humanly possible. I did watch some good movies tonight though, especially “the fault in our stars” which for the record made me bawl my eyes out.


Well here’s hoping maybe I can get an hour of sleep …. though I will probably just watch another movie and listen to Cali snore since it is already six in the morning here….. I have a feeling I am going to be OUT by mid afternoon!


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