Shop Till You Drop

Well I have been out of the hospital for eleven days … so I felt today deserved a trip to the store. Well, I was wrong. I am so worn out … I hurt, I am wobbly …. I didn’t even think I would make it down the isle. I seriously contemplated asking my dad to carry me. So I defiantly learned my lesson … do NOT try to overdo it. Your friends and family are going to tell you to take it easy and you should listen or you will wind up in my shoes unable to really move because you are so sore and wobbly on your feet …. not a good combination.


An interesting story about my trip though … my dad and I were walking through the parking lot to get to the store and someone started to back out of their spot … when they could clearly see us. And then they had the audacity of honking their horn like we were talking too long … now they were in a handicapped parking spot and I didn’t see any signs … and they were being pushy …. so I went extra extra slow just to show them! Grrrr Stupid People!



Seriously not feeling well tonight though. Im wobbly. I swear my port area smells (sorry if that is TMI) and my shoulder is seriously sore. All I want to go is go to bed but I am terrified, literally so, that I am going to get an infection. I pray not …. but they are taking forever to get my appointment set up and my dressings have not been changed since the 19th and that is just way too long in my eyes. I could see once a week but not this long … so I am a bit paranoid …. hence my Ativan to calm my nerves. Thank goodness for my newfound relationship with that drug. It certainly makes getting through things easier.


As for other things …. I need to buy new pillows. Mine are deflating and just aren’t working any more …. so I am off to shop from bed this time … for the perfect feather pillow, because isn’t that what all princesses fall asleep on?



Goodnight! Sweet Dreams!


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