When Life Gives You Lemons …… Make Lemonaid …. But What If I’m Sick of All the Lemonaide???

I have got to have the worst luck on the face of the earth. Seriously! So here I was laying in bed enjoying (or trying to enjoy) a bag of light and fit popcorn with a tv show. I mean …. it’s healthier than eating that chocolate cake that is nowhere in my house that the steroids want, right? So, here I am with my popcorn and I pop a piece in my mouth and bite down. Wouldn’t you know it that inside that perfectly flaky piece of popcorn was a bomb waiting to go off …. a kernel! And SPLIT goes the entire one section of my tooth! OMG! It was like instant pain. Here come the tears …. and off I go to get my daddy to ask what the HECK do I do. It’s a weekend. No dentist. Tomorrow is a holiday. No dentist. Seriously. then I think … WAIT, I have this port. Can I even get dental work done or do I need to be premedicated with antibiotics? So I need some advice my dear family. What do I do in this situation? Luckily I had some tooth filling stuff from tooth dangers past ….. so my dad helped me fill it in. I had some numby stuff to help with the pain. And thank god for the Percocet they sent me home from the hospital with …. that will be helping with the pain that started pretty much as soon as CRUNNCH! Why on earth do these things happen to me? Couldn’t someone with less on their plate deal with some of this? Really. My life seriously sucks right now and I am not afraid to admit that I am ready to just sit here and cry because I don’t know how much more I can take. Please  just say a lil something for me. Right now I am such a jumbled mess of nerves and feelings that I just dont know. Life sure can stop throwing me lemons, cause I am tired of all the lemonade!


Something a LOT of us have been warning each other about is the use of steroids is not without their consequences. I know many of you look at those posts and whiz by them … and really you shouldn’t. Having NMO we spend so much of our time on steroids be it oral or IV form we need to know what they are doing to our bodies. My last blog focused on some of the smaller things like the acne and the hives and wanting to eat everything in site …. but this one, we need to talk about what you need to do to protect yourself so that you don’t end up like me laying here in bed with a mouth that is POUNDING to the roots because I had to bite into a piece of popcorn!

The Mayo Clinic has some useful information on steroids and what to expect from them …. this link will take you to the Prednisone information http://www.mayoclinic.org/steroids/art-20045692?pg=2  You need to get to know this information if you are going to be recurrently on steroids. Here is a link to SOLUMEDROL information http://www.drugs.com/methylprednisolone.html that you should read up on. Please get to know the medications that you are allowing the doctors to pump into your body.


What we have come to know about steroids of all forms are that they impact our skeletal system as well as dental. Here is a good link about steroids and how they affect our bone systems. https://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/conditions/osteoporosis/osteoporosis_and_steroids.htm basically what this site says is that we need to take extra steps to prepare ourselves for things that can happen as we are on steroids over long periods of time.


So basically …. make sure you are keeping an eye on your systems. They might be the least of your worries but Calcium and Vitamin D …. make sure you are incorporating them into your system and that you are getting enough to supplement what you might be loosing ….


or … you’ll end up like me tonight crying in pain because I had to go and crack a tooth in half all for the sake of eating that perfectly round poufy piece of popcorn.












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