No Place I’d Rather Be

Getting ready for my best friend’s big day tomorrow …. I slept most of today away, so that must have been a good thing. I need to be up bright and early by like five for my sister to do my hair and to be on the road by six thirty …. to be in Lancaster by 12. I am so excited for my best friend’s big day …. at the same time so nervous.


This disease and the treatments have taken so much from me. It makes me angry. Just in August I celebrated my baby cousins wedding and managed to pull through fine. Just days later I was in the emergency department hooked up to steroids, getting a catheter line put in place, and getting PLEX.


Since then I have been dealing with recovery from my attack. It seems like each one takes more and more out of me. I’m exhausted of how hard it is and wish that it were easier. But I fight. I do. And I will.


So tomorrow I will put on my fancy dress. Slip into my cute (but stylish) flats. Have my hair all up. Make up on. Nails all done. And I will stand there beside my best friend in the entire world as she says I do to the man of her dreams. Will it be easy? No. Will I be exhausted? Definitely. Will it be worth it? Yes.



There is no place I would rather be.



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