The Day After

I am totally exhausted but yesterday was worth every spasms, every ache, and every pain that I have experienced since. Tracy looked so beautiful and the day was a total success. The car ride took what seems like forever but was actually not too bad going out …. 3.5 hours. Coming home though … OH MY GOSH. I was so sore and so tired.


Tracy  (27)

We had delicious food and amazing deserts. I had a beautiful salmon dinner. Oh was it just delicious. I am sure my dad enjoyed it too. It was also a healthier food than I have been eating lately …. with all of the running around my family has been doing we’ve been doing a lot of less than healthy options.

So …. today is the day after the wedding. We got home at 1:30 AM well this morning …. and I am totally exhausted. Then I was woken up at like seven to go down to my sisters house to babysit Aurora until she woke up so that we could bring her to our house … that didn’t go over very well. I was so tired and so sore … I fell. Luckily I didn’t have Aurora in my arms. It will leave a bruise though. Half of me wishes that my sister didn’t have to go to work but the other half knows that she has to …. though today, I could have used a day off … and listen to me complain. It killed me to be up and about when I really wanted to be in bed, but I loved every second of being with Aurora. That cutie is just too much.

So now it is the night after the wedding … it’s around eight thirty in the evening and I am totally exhausted. I have spent the last hour or so in bed and have been watching “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” my as of late “go to” show for when I am feeling down. She gets to do all the stuff I wish I could do (well minus getting eaten and dying and all that). Why can’t I run far and jump over things and do athleticy stuff? I wish right? So I took my nightly cocktail of medications and now I am just going to curl in with Cali and enjoy some tv and more than likely drift off to sleep. I am just so darn tired.


Oh …. and I had my cake yesterday. NOT chocolate but lemon curd. It was AHMAZING!

Tracy  (11)


So here are a few more photos from the wedding for you to enjoy … sorry this post wasn’t more substantial but …. I’m just too drained tonight. Y’all understand I am sure! Goodnight!




Tracy  (14)Tracy  (13)



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