Take a Step Back …. And Breathe

It’s not always the best thing to loose your temper … especially when talking to important people like for example … your insurance company. So, today was a long long long day and it’s not even a few minutes past one in the afternoon. (I’ll be taking my nap after this post) and already I spent the entire morning from eight o’clock until just now on the telephone with doctors, insurance companies, hospitals … you name it. I am so frustrated. Thank god for Ativan and other drugs to calm one’s nerves or I would be a wreck!


Why am I so upset you ask?


Well … you all know I was in the hospital for Optic Neuritis just a little over a month ago. I was receiving PLEX while there and it was decided that I would receive PLEX as a maintenance therapy after being discharged … still hasn’t happened … I came home with the catheter in my neck which has been less than pleasant but I am getting used to it … only to be told that (today) my insurance company will in NO WAY pay for PLEX treatments. I must say that this is disgusting. They paid for my treatments while I was in the hospital but refuse to pay for me to get them done as an outpatient. Ridiculous! I have never been so frustrated. I gave the insurance lady a piece of my mind … though it’s not her fault. Asked to talk to the person that made that decision or the department that made that decision and was told that they do not speak to customers. What the frick? I am the one that needs the treatment you could at least give the chance to speak to the person making decisions on my life, because that is what it is with this disease. I asked her to ask them then if they would rather pay for something more expensive, like another hospital bill (which totaled over fifty two thousand dollars for my latest fourteen day stay) and she said “I’m sorry I cannot help you.” and told me maybe I should consider switching to another insurance company …. ummmmm  … last I checked they were the best option of the two that I had and what a choice that turned out to be. Gah!


Well … after hanging up with them because I was crying at that point so frustrated with their lack of compassion … I called the billing department at the hospital. I wanted to get a rough figure for how much the treatments were and what I would need to do to pay them on my own …. this is how it is going to work ….


No self pay. I won’t have to pay a cent. While speaking to billing they put me through to their charity care department. They helped me fill out paperwork and said that it is pending but there is no reason why it wont be approved … so I am going to get my treatments and the hospital will be paying the fees.


All I can say is thank god. It makes me want to spin around, sing out loud, and cry until there are no more tears. So much frustration and I know that this doesn’t solve everything but it’s a start … now all I need is for the infusion center to call me back so that I can finally after all this time schedule ..


I guess sometimes it does help to take a step back, think outside the box, and take a deep long breath ….. and maybe a pill to calm your nerves ;D


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