The New Intern

So much has happened in the last two weeks. Besides being so busy planning my cousins baby shower I have been busy applying and interviewing for internships for school this January. What I found however is that there is more to me than meets the eye. It’s not just the disability people see but the fact that I do have a brain after all. After interviewing for my internship and proving that I know what I am talking about I was not only invited with open arms to take my internship time there but also to start early by writing papers to be published … which I am very excited about.

To think that I am able to spend my time doing things that I love – writing and talking about topics that I am passionate about. It’s going to amazing!

Other than that I am okay. Still fighting the injustice of medical bureaucracy and waiting not so patiently for the tide to turn one way or the other.

And this weekend is Halloween Trick or Treating with Aurora. It’s crazy that it will be her first Halloween. I can’t wait to see her dressed up.

I can’t seem but feel like my life is changing, but for the better I hope. Maybe my downhill ride is only going to go uphill for here … only I hope the climb isn’t too steep.


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