Dead on my Feet

Have you ever been so tired that you could barely stay on your feet? That is how I have been feeling these last few days. Planning a baby shower, trick-or-treating …. It definitely took its toll on me. However, I love that my family all came together and made the shower and Halloween a success. Cindy got some amazing gifts for baby Natalie – the hall looked amazing with all of my perfectly planned decorations, and then seeing Aurora in her first Halloween costume was well worth every second of planning we put into our event.

 WP_20141025_011 WP_20141025_258


WP_20141025_263 1Even though it has been weeks since my hospital stay … I have been feeling so run down. Even on my ride home last night I fell fast asleep – even rolling over onto my brother in the car. I am so tired of being tired already. I finally finished tapering off of the steroids so hopefully with the lack of steroids and lack of Benadryl that I am going to need constantly – well I am hoping that it will mean less sleepiness. I hate this though, it’s like I have no energy. I sleep all night – usually in bed by eight and I can sleep as late as noon the next day. And then do it all over again with a nap in between. I can’t stand this. I would like nothing more than to be able to get things done. I still can’t even walk far without getting totally worn out and half of me wonders if it is because of the port which they haven’t taken care of? I just don’t know. I do know one thing though – I plan on calling my doctors tomorrow to see what is up. Maybe I have an infection I don’t know about – maybe there is just something wrong with me …. Or maybe I need more coffee?




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