Day Two of My Mini Vacation

So … what else could I call this awesome stay besides a mini vacation? Hmmm. If only there was a beach with sand, margaritas, and beautiful cabana boys! lol. Nope – not that lucky.

Update for the day ….

A. It is a colitis flare. So I am getting 125mg of IV Solumedrol Every 8 Hours … plus my Benadryl for the allergy to the Solumedrol. Fun!

B. Possible C Diff … praying not!

C. I possibly have a compression fracture hence the bad pain in the lower part of my back. Though I don’t remember falling or hurting myself .. but I am apparently susceptible to them since I have been on high doses of steroids, etc. So I am waiting to get in for an Xray to confirm.

D. Well …. I have blown two IV’s so far. I have a third one put in … it looks a bit more stable so here’s hoping that it is.

E. I got a blood bath today! Yep – right out of a Grey’s Anatomy episode …. They flushed my hickman catheter lines … and the nurse forgot to put the clamp on …. and I didn’t realize that I was steadily getting soaked in my own blood … and I was even surrounded by three nurses working on getting a new IV line in. So I probably ruined a perfectly good shirt all because I had a ton of blood everywhere …. I looked like Carrie I swear! Scared me to death. And I was the first to react so I grabbed the line and clamped it shut and got blood all over my hands to boot. I guess there is a good reason for hospital gowns huh? Oh and here’s a kicker. One side of the cath works perfectly …. good withdraw and flush … the other side, not so lucky. I guess they are going to try the meds to get it to clear tomorrow …. half of me wishes they would just pull it out already.

Well … I am going to rest. It’s almost steroid time again … and hopefully I will get something to help me sleep tonight a bit better than my one whole hour last night. Just wanted to update on my eventful day!


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