One step Forward Two Steps Back


So … I am coming down off of steroids again …. it seems like a better part of this year I have been on them …. anyway, this time around I was lucky. It wasn’t my eyes but rather by gut. Ulcerative Colitis flare! Ugh! So more meds …. and I am experiencing the worst pain in my lower lumbar region of my back. They did x-rays and they came up clean … but OMG does it hurt. I have been trying everything thisevening from stretching it out to soaking it in hot water. What I would like to do is just rip the muscle straight out. Wouldn’t that be a fixer upper? Maybe I can get a transplant? Transplanted muscle tissue? Hmmm.

So I started PT – very sad that my “usual” and when I mean “usual” PT I mean the guy who has been with me from the start is at his other office so I was stuck with semi-newbies to my case … which means I had to explain it as though I were talking to a toddler – which is normally okay but already being in pain … well it made my body cringe at the thought. I need to get a power point together to help understand NMO and what it does to us.

Luckily though it was just an orientation day. We did some light ultrasound on my back and then some heat and electrical stem. Which made it feel a bit better. Until I got in the car to come home. Bumps and swerves kills me. I hate taking pain killers but tonight I definitely need them and I am making them my best friend. Tomorrows goals is to buy myself a heating pad … mine died … so I must get anew one.

So here are a few photos of machines I will be spending some quality time with three days a week for the next however long ….

untitled  images1S5RHQ3K

At least at the end of all this I got to see Aurora and her adorableness! She is 10 months old today – so I got her a present … an owl stuffed animal that she goes AWE too! And today she said Mikey! Were will working on Annie or heather …. one day she will get it. Isn’t she so darn cute though? Definite a meaning for being!

WP_20141110_005 WP_20141110_012


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